5 Non-Living Things In One Piece That Have Eaten A Devil Fruit

Surprises and weird things happen in everyone anime. However, only few can match the weirdness of Non Living things eating devil fruits in One Piece. The secret of this hasn’t been revealed in the anime or manga. This still being a mystery doesn’t stop us from making a list of all the 5 non living thing who ate a devil fruits, So lets start!

5. Lassoo

Lassoo was introduced in Alabasta arc. He was the gun of mister 4. He later consumed Inu Inu no Mi which enabled it to transform into a Dog.

4. Rakuyo’s flail

Rakuyo possesses a spiked flail with a canine-like face on it, and the chain attached to it moves in a manner similar to a snake. By hurling the spiked ball towards an opponent, it can cause both impact and biting damage. It is not confirmed if it actually ate a DF, but this the most likely conclusion.

3. Funkfreed

Frunkfreed was the sword of Spandam. It ate the Zou Zou no Mi which allowed it to transform into Elephant. Frunkeed was seen in both sword form and elephant including in his half Elephant form.

2. Smiley

Smiley was originally a Poisoned H2S gas which was later compressed and by using Vegapunk’s process of Zoan devil fruit animation it was brought to life. It ate the Sara Sara no Mi which allowed it to turn into an axolotl hybrid and a full axolotl at will.

1. Bartholomew Kuma

Many of you will argue that Bartholomew was a human, but that is not the case now. Currently he is fully transformed into a cyborg with no emotions, so that is why he was added to the list. Bartholomew Kuma ate Nikyu Nikyu no Mi which allows its user to repel everything they touch.


This is it for the list, I hope you enjoyed! Please your comments below!

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