One Piece Editor Reveals How Long The Reverie Arc Will Last

One Piece is no stranger to new story arcs. Ever since the series debuted, the manga has introduced a few dozen stories, and ‘Reverie’ is the most recent. However, it doesn’t look like fans should get comfy with the interlude.

You know, since it doesn’t look like the ‘Reverie’ story is going to last all that long.

Recently, the editor of One Piece went live on Twitter to answer fan questions, and it was there Takuma Naito opened up about the manga’s new arc. Thanks to a translator, audiences can read up on what Naito had to say, and it seems the editor has been told the ‘Reverie’ story will wrap fairly soon.

According to Sandman AP, the editor said “Oda will not sped dozens of chapters on Reverie since [the] Straw Hats need to enter Wano soon.” So, there you have it; ‘Reverie’ will be gone before you know it, leaving One Piece wide open to explore one of its most highly anticipated arcs to date.

Right now, there is not a hard and firm deadline on the new arc’s end, but it won’t take too long. The ‘Reverie’ story kicked off right after the ‘Whole Cake Island’ excursion ended. Chapter 903 began the arc officially, and it has done a lot with its chapters. Not only did the arc give Monkey D. Luffy a massive billion-belly bounty, but it also caught up with the Revolutionary Army. With the all-important Reverie meeting underway, the rogue militia plans to interrupt the event and declare war upon the World Government. So, fans can just imagine how this arc will end.

SOURCE: Comicbook

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