All 5 Kingdoms That Will Be Expelled From The World Government At Reverie

The Reverie is a council formed by the World Government which consists of the world’s greatest leaders of various kingdoms. Every four years, kings or queens gather at Mary Geoise for a seven day conference to discuss matters that could affect the world. Being a summit of the world kings, all of its participants are the royal patriarch of a World Government’s recognized kingdom. As we all know that the reverie arc is coming and there’ll be many things to happen in this arc. One of them could be the expulsion of some kingdoms from the WG. So today we count down all 5 kingdoms that could be expelled from the WG.

5. Dressrosa

Dressrosa is an island and kingdom within the New World, and one of the Twenty Kingdoms of the World Government. As we all know that the royal family of Dressrosa, the Riku family, is friends with the Straw hat pirates. The moment the World Government learns about this, Dressrosa will be expelled from the WG.

4. Germa Kingdom

The Germa Kingdom, also known as the Kingdom of Science is the world’s only seafaring kingdom. confirmed by Monkey D. Dragon that the Germa kingdom lost its affiliation with the World Government after the incidents in the Whole Cake Island.

3. Kano Country

The Kano Country is a nation in West Blue where the Chinjao Family came from. The country resembles an ancient Chinese city with buildings characterized by Chinese style architecture. Sai and his family are the rulers of Kano Country and at the same time part of the Straw Hat Grand Fleet. When the World Government gets to know this, they will expel Kano Kingdom.

2. Fishmen Island

Fishman Island is the home of the fishmen and merfolk. Fishman Island will get expelled because of the possession of an Ancient Weapon (if Caribou told the World Government) and Shirahoshi could get captured at the Reverie.

1. Alabasta

Alabasta Kingdom is a desert kingdom in Paradise. The kingdom is currently under the ruling of  Nefeltari Cobra. Many fans predict that he reason why Alabasta will be expelled is because King Cobra will ask the World Government a very dangerous question: He will ask them about the Poneglyphs, which will be a big incident.

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