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Naruto’s Creator Reveals Why He Didn’t Revive Jiraiya

Its always heartbreaking, when an unexpected death occurs. Especially, when the death strikes your favorite character. These unexpected death happens in almost every anime series, including One Piece (Ace), Death Note (L) and Code Geass (Lelouch), just to name a few. A similar scenario happened in Naruto series, when Jiraiya died. His death led the fans to believing that jiraiya might be resurrected to fight alongside akatsuki, just like Asuma, Itachi and many more dead shinobis. However, no such thing was witnessed.

Everyone thought that “well because they couldn’t locate his body because it drowned to the bottom of the ocean or lake after the battle with Pain.” Recently, Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of Naruto, revealed exactly why he didn’t revived jiraiya.

Kishimoto said, that the reason why jiraiya wasn’t revived was because the death of Jiraiya was so touching and a huge character developing moment for Naruto that, it would feel wrong of him to revive him with Edo Tensei.

Kishimoto had planned that no matter what, Jiraiya would not be brought back into the story and that because his death was so meaningful, it would take away from it if he was to ressurect him during the Fourth Great Shinobi World War.

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