Wealth And Net Worth Of One Piece’s Creator, Eiichiro Oda

Whenever someone talks about the best anime series, One Piece is the name which always comes to their mind. The manga of One Piece began in 1997 and since then it sky rocketed. The manga holds the world record for the most selling worldwide in the history of manga by selling over 430 million copies. All these honors would have not existed without the man named Eiichiro Oda, the writer of the manga. Eiichiro Oda is the Japanese manga writer who is known is the man who shaped the history of manga.

Since the manga One Piece gained a lot of popularity and audience, Eiichiro Oda not only gained fame but found himself swimming in loads of money. The net worth of Eiichiro Oda is $50 Million according to According to Baka Furi, Eiichiro Oda earns about 3.1 billion yen or $26 Million a year through just royalties alone.

Oda never shied to display his wealth and so it isn’t a surprise that he has one amazing house. On the New year’s eve, his house was featured on the Japanese TV show.

Oda’s house is not just beautiful but is also pretty large. He has a Bar in his house which he named Shimizu Bar.

Next, is the balcony of his house. On his balcony, Oda has a full-on train turning around the pad. It also has a Signal which is built on the train station to manage the movement of the train. Oda did everything to make sure that the set up looks realistic.

Then there is the unique bathroom. The entire bathroom is covered in the ceiling-to-floor wallpaper of the ocean. The wallpapers looks super realistic and the guests could really feel like they’re actually floating with the sharks.

Lastly, there is an amazing studio, where he does his work. The entire room is filled with books or toys to give the writer the feeling of a mangaka.

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